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The purpose of ISSA is to advance for the public benefit education and research related to the social significance of sport, exercise and physical activity.

ISSA comprises an active and diverse body of scholars who study sport from the perspectives of sociology, social psychology, anthropology, history and political economy.

The objectives of ISSA include:

Fostering research in the social scientific study of sport.

Promoting communication with other national and international sport-related organizations

To convene international congresses, seminars or symposia on aspects of the sociology of sport.

To prepare and circulate reports about the social background of sport and the status of the sociology of sport in different countries.

To identify sociological problems in sport and organize international research programmes concerning the same.

To oversee and co-ordinate the official publications of ISSA.

To advise and facilitate the establishment of other continental, regional and national sociology of sport societies.

To co-operate with other committees, groups or organizations in order to solve tasks of mutual interest.

Member benefits

ISSA membership is for the full calendar year. This means that your ISSA membership expires on December 31st regardless of when you joined ISSA. In order to continue to receive the benefits of ISSA membership, including receipt of our journal and reduced conference registration, you will need to renew your membership from January 1st.

Membership details are available on the SAGE – International Review of Sociology of Sport – website. We highly encourage you to use the online payment subscription process on the SAGE IRSS web page (link above). It is efficient, secure and ensures that membership applications are processed in a timely fashion and provides you with an automated reply that confirms your membership application.

Once registered the system provides you with an automated reply that confirms your membership application.

All members receive: