Historical Events

  • 2011
    World Congress of Sociology of Sport – Havana, Cuba. “Sport and the Winds of Change”, July 12-15.
  • 2010
    XVII World Congress of Sociology, Gothenburg, Sweden, “Sociology on the Move”, July 11-17.
  • 2009
    World Congress of Sociology of Sport – Utrecht, The Netherlands, “Passion, Practice & Profit” July 15-18
  • 2008
    World Congress of Sociology of Sport – Kyoto, Japan, “Sport and Society At the Crossroads” July 26-29
  • 2007
    4th World Congress of Sociology of Sport (in conjunction with the International Sport History Association) “Sport in a Global World; Past, Present & Future”, Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • 2006
    16th World Congress of Sociology, “The Quality of Social Existence in a Globalising World”, Durban (South Africa)
  • 2005
    3rd World Congress of Sociology of Sport, “Sport and Social Inclusion/Exclusion”, Buenos Aires (Argentina).
  • 2004
    Pre-Olympic Congress: “Sport Science through the Ages: Challenges in the New Millenium”, Thessaloniki (Greece).
  • 2003
    2nd World Congress of Sociology of Sport: “Sport and Social Order: Challenges for Theory and Practice”, Cologne (Germany).
  • 2002
    XV ISA World Congress of Sociology: Brisbane (Australia).
  • 2001
    1st World Congress of Sociology of Sport: “Sociology of Sport and New Global Order: Bridging Perspectives and Crossing Boundaries”, Seoul (Korea).
  • 2000
    Pre-Olympic Scientific Congress: Brisbane (Australia).
  • 1999
    Fourteenth international symposium: “New Century – New Expectations”. Budapest (Hungary).
  • 1998
    Fourteenth World Congress of Sociology: Montreal, Quebec (Canada).
  • 1997
    Thirtheenth international symposium: “Organisations, Cultures and Sport”. Oslo (Norway).
  • 1996
    Olympic Scientific Congress: Dallas (USA).
  • 1995
    Twelfth international symposium: “Sport, social problems, social movements”. Rome (Italy).
  • Name change: ISSA (International Sociology of Sport Association) / AISS (Association Internationale de Sociologie du Sport)
  • 1993
    Thirteenth World Congress of Sociology: Bielefeld (Germany).
  • 1992
    Olympic Scientific Congress: Benalmadena (Spain).
    Eleventh international symposium: “Sport in Time and Space”. Vienna (Austria).
  • 1991
    Tenth international symposium: “Sport, Social Change and Social Process”. Tallinn (Estonia).
  • 1990
    Twelfth World Congress of Sociology: Madrid (Spain).
  • 1988
    Maccabiah – Wingate International Congress on “Sport Sciences and Coaching”. Wingate (Israel).
  • 1988
    Olympic Scientific Congress: Cheonan (S. Korea).
  • 1987
    Jyväskylä Congress on “Movement and Sport in Women’s Life”. Jyväskylä (Finland).
  • 1986
    Eleventh World Congress of Sociology: New Delhi (India).
  • Seventh Commonwealth and International Conference on “Sport, Physical Education, Dance, Recreation and Health”. Glasgow (Scotland).
  • 1984
    Ninth international symposium: “Physical Culture and Sports in the Way of Life of the Young Generation”. Prague (Czechoslovakia).
  • 1984
    Olympic Scientific Congress: Eugene (USA) [Joint meeting with the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport].
  • 1983
    Eighth international symposium: “Sport and Contemporary Societies”. Paris (France).
  • 1982
    Tenth World Congress of Sociology: Mexico City (Mexico).
  • 1980
    Seventh international symposium: “Physical Culture and Sport in the Daily Life of Social Groups: Children, Youth, Adults and Older Adults”. Halle (GDR).
  • 1979
    Olympic Scientific Congress: Tbilisi (USSR).
  • First regional symposium: “Career Patterns and Career Contingencies in Sport”. Vancouver (Canada).
  • 1979
    Sixth international symposium: “Sport and Culture”. Jablonna/Warsaw (Poland).
  • 1978
    Ninth World Congress of Sociology: Uppsala (Sweden).
  • 1977
    Seminar and Board meeting: Macolin (Switzerland).
  • 1975
    Olympic Scientific Congress: Québec City (Canada).
  • 1975
    Fifth international symposium: “Sport Organizations”. Heidelberg (FRG).
  • 1974
    Eighth World Congress of Sociology: Toronto (Canada).
  • 1973
    Fourth international symposium: “The Analysis of Children’s Games”. Bucharest (Roumania).
  • 1971
    Olympic Scientific Congress: Munich (FRG).
  • 1970
    Third international symposium: “Sport and Socialization”. Waterloo (Canada).
  • 1969
    Seventh World Congress of Sociology: Varna (Bulgaria).
  • ICSS 3rd International Workshop on “Sociology of Sport – Theoretical and Methodological Foundations”, Macolin, Switzerland, September 5-12,1969. (Symposium published as Albonico, R. & Pfister-Binz, K. (1971) Soziologie des Sports – Sociology of Sport. 10. Magglinger Symposium (Schweiz). Basel: Birkhäuser Verlag.
  • 1968
    Second international symposium: “Working Class Youth and Sport”. Vienna (Austria).
    Second international workshop: “Cross Cultural Research on Sport”. Leicester (England).
    Third international workshop: “Methodological Problems in the Sociology of Sport”. Magglingen (Switzerland).
  • 1967
    First international workshop: “Cross Cultural Research on Sport”. Urbana (USA), Board meeting: Jyväskylä (Finland).
  • 1966
    First international symposium: “Small Group Research and Sport”. Cologne (FRG).
  • 1965
    The above, together with Stone (USA) met in Warsaw (Poland) to formally found ICSS.
  • 1964
    Formation of ICSS (International Committee for the Sociology of Sport)
    Dumazedier (France), Erbach (GDR), Heinila (Finland), Lüschen (FRG), McIntosh (UK), Nowikow(USSR), Wohl (Poland), Hepp (Hungary). Meeting in Geneva (Switzerland).

Compiled by Peter Donnelly, Alan Ingham and Bart Vanreusel