Executive Board call for nominations 2024-2027

ISSA Executive Board elections are held every 4 years. In accordance with the ISSA Bylaws, the International Sociology of Sport Association elections will take place in 2023 to select a new Executive Board for the period 2024-2027.

There are 6 elected Executive Board positions (President, General Secretary, and 4 Vice Presidents). The 6 people with the most votes in the election become the Executive Board and they decide among themselves who will hold which position.

Note: the Executive Board members can be from any country but there can only be 1 representative from any particular country (i.e., there cannot be two Executive Board members from the same country).

The election is managed by an independent Elections Officer, who will collate and verify all nominations, votes, and results, David Blackwell.

How to put yourself forward for election and how to vote for candidates:


Any member in good standing in 2023 is free to nominate a maximum of two (2) individuals to stand for election. Those nominated must also be members in good standing and they must confirm that: (a) they have been members of ISSA for at least 4 years; and (b) they have read, understood and are willing to accept the duties and responsibilities of the Executive Board portfolios. In order to be eligible for the ballot, nominees must receive at least two (2) nominations from at least two (2) different countries.

All nominations are to be received by the Elections Officer David Blackwell david.blackwell@waikato.ac.nz by March 30th 2023.

Please include your name, country (of residence) and date in the space provided. Nominations should be sent by email.

After nominations are received, the eligibility of all nominees will be verified.  A ballot of eligible nominees will then be prepared.

The following Executive Board members are eligible to run for a second term (in alphabetical order): Hélène Joncheray, Parissa Safai, Emmanuelle Tulle.

The following Executive Board members have served two consecutive terms, and, according to the statutes, are not eligible to stand for further election: Christine Dallaire, John Horne, Brent McDonald, Mike Sam.


Eligible voters will be invited by email to vote online starting May 1st 2023, with a closing date of June 30th 2023. Members may vote for six (6) nominees only and not more than one from the same country. Elections Officer David Blackwell will count the votes and report the election results to the Executive Board.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the ISSA President.

Election of the 2020-2023 ISSA Executive Board

Elections for the 2020-2023 ISSA Executive Board were held in 2018. The Executive Board is comprised of 6 elected members who must represent 6 different countries. Currently, these positions are distributed as:

  • President
  • General Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Vice President (Conferences)
  • Vice President (Communications)
  • Vice President (International Relations)

Results of the election for a new ISSA Executive Board beginning in January 2020 were announced in 2019. The current Board is as follows:

  • Mike Sam, President
  • Parissa Safai, General Secretary
  • John Horne, Treasurer
  • Brent McDonald, VP Conferences
  • Emmanuelle Tulle, VP Communications
  • Hélène Joncheray, VP International Relations
  • Christine Dallaire, Past President